WOMEN are not born, They are created with love and emotions. They are the precious gift of Allah. They have the highest rank and are honoured and have their own rights.

Women Day is celebrated on the 8th of February.  Let’s see How much you know about Women. 

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    Who is world richest women?

    illustration-woman-getting-public-approval 23-2148403072
    • Francoise Bettencourt Meyers
    • MacKenzie Scott
    • Alice Watson
    • Julia Koch
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    How many women today have received a Noble Prize in sciences?

    • 14
    • 18
    • 20
    • 7
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    Who is the youngest person to receive Noble Prize in Pakistan?

    • Arfa Karim
    • Malala Yosuf
    • Sharmeen Obaid
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    In what year did women in United States win the right to vote?

    • 1776
    • 1884
    • 1920
    • 1946
  • Question of

    What was the first country that granted women the right to vote?

    • Canada
    • Cape town
    • New Zealand
    • Saudia Arabia
  • Question of

    What did the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mention about the raising of daughters?

    • Daughters are ill omens and should not be given love and affection
    • There is no mention about the raising of daughters by the Prophet (PBUH)
    • Anyone who raises two daughters with love and affection will enter paradise
    • None of the above
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    When did women’s day is celebrated?

    international-women-day-illustration 23-2148852219
    • 8th March
    • 8th June
    • 8th August
    • 8th January
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    Who is first woman in the world?

    • Bibi Khatija (A.S)
    • Bibi Amna (A.S)
    • Bibi Ayesha (A.S)
    • Bibi Hawa (A.S)
  • Question of

    “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”

    • Florence Nightingale
    • Anne Frank
    • Marie Colvin



Written by Muskan

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