Bardsread is a community service for creative content which also provides a unique social platform with upvote/downvote feature to share content with friends all over the world & get recognition by earning ranks & badges. Join in to know more.


Earn points to lead the leaderboard and get featured as a “Featured Author”. Points are linked with your activity i.e. earn more points by increasing your activity. To remain featured, you must lead the leaderboard.

Bardsread Feature Author
Bardsread User Points


Bardsread Members shall be awarded points based on their activity i.e. login, posting content such as stories, polls, image etc. These points would earn Ranks to show your level of expertise. Learn more about user points.


Badges are shown on the profiles of the users and different badges are awarded according to their different activities. Learn more about badges.

Bardsread Badges
Bardsread Ranks


Ranks are shown on the profiles of the users and are awarded on the basis of the number of points earned by users on their activities. Learn more about ranks.


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