TSK Diet


So I am really impressed with this diet, commonly named as Tsk diet. it is phenomenal. Tsk diet is an online therapeutic diet in Pakistan and Tehreem Khan is the founder. she is an amazing nutritionist, clinical dietitian and well known for her diet plan. She is working with her team, whose main goal is to teach people how to gain and lose weight without skipping meals. Skipping up meal does not work effectively as it only working harder to make the metabolism slower. so skipping up meals is not a good idea.

Tehreem khan is an influencer and she made some basic rules so that, the one who is not following her can easily access her diet plans. And these tips really work.


  • Don’t start your pleasant day with coffee or tea.
  • Avoid starving and long gaps in meals.
  • Never follow keto-diets.
  • Eat your favorite meals with short gaps.
  • Don’t skip the meal as it slows the metabolism.
  • Don’t over-exercise. Just do it for 30 mins.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water and fresh juices.
  • Avoid using processed and packaged foods.

She is also offering some counseling programs with her team. Follow her and just break all the myths of weight losing diets.



Written by Muskan

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