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I Lost Her

Boy with a flower
Boy with a flower

I was very happy that day, as I was going to say yes of her proposal. She was waiting for my answer for 3 years. And I was the one who was not giving any response. Even I feel the same for her like  the way she talk, the way she smile , her red fuming face, every single thing. But still I was not in position to accept this truth. A lot of huddles comes in life which is not easy to jump of it. But finally I cross every single huddle which was creating a distance between us. I prepare all my stuff and I was wrapping her gift when the alarm rings. It was almost 6โ€™o clock. I immediately get myself inside to the washroom for taking a shower. After 15 minutes I was perfectly ready to go. I donโ€™t want to get late so I ran out from my room slamming the door behind.

The weather was quite cold. I was in hurry so I missed my jacket. I have no regrets. On the way I saw a flower hawker. I smiled, as I was in a flashback for few second. I couldnโ€™t believe that a girl donโ€™t like flower. Really? Are you a girl or someone else? But yes I was in love with a girl who hate flowers. But I was helpless from my habit so I took a pair of GAJRAโ€™s for her. My mom loves to wear it and every time my dad take gajras for her. Finally I reached my destiny. I was standing near her house waiting for her. The door opens, she came out. She was wearing white shirt and pant with cherry pink dupatta which was on her right shoulder. She was wearing white pencil heals. She was looking absolutely gorgeous, I was lost in memories. Snapping her finger in front of my eye, once again I comes into real world. She was giggling, I pass a calm smile to her and offer her to sit next to me.

Once again I start my cars engine. It was a long route but none of us broke the silence. Finally she broke the silence. She asked me, is there is anything I want to say her. I donโ€™t know from where I got lot of butterflies in my stomach. I took a deep breath and stopped my car. Her eyes were stuck on my face. Her sight was making me uncomfortable for a second but then I got normal. I told her what I feel for her. How much I admire her. I think of her every minute. I canโ€™t get enough of her. I make her believe that Iโ€™d rather not be with anyone than with her. She said nothing. She was sitting in a freezing manner. It was something new for me. Because she never sits quite. I snapped my fingers against her eye, calling her name.

Without giving any reaction her lips whispered. I asked her once again, will she marry me? I was so confused and maybe I was afraid. I was not in a position to hear any negative sound. Suddenly there was a knock on the car, I look against the window. There were three men carrying riffle. One of them try to open the door and successfully opened it. He grabbed her outside and put the pistol on her head. My whole body shivered, without any intervening time I came out of my car. She was crying loudly and asking me to help her. I was acting abnormally, my hands were even not in my control. I was asking them to leave her. Whatever they want, they can take it. But let her go. My lips were mumbling. I was begging for her. One of the group member demand the keys of the car. I give all the things to them. My wallet, my keys, my phone. Except my lifeline who was my girl.

2 members instantly gets in to the car. One who was still holding her, push her against me. I grabbed her with her waist. She hold me tightly and she want to say something but one of them open fires. I let her to sit down saving her from that shoot. But it was too late. She called my name. It was really painful. I saw her and pull her near to me. I was still unaware of that she got hurt with a gunshot. Once again she try to spoke. It was hurtful she said she loves me but she will never live her whole life with me. I was surprised. I push her away from me so that I can read her face. Why she was saying all this? A tear comes out from her eye. I asked her what happen. She answered, there is something which is not allowing her to live her life with me.

I donโ€™t understand why she is reacting like this. Because she was the one who proposed me first. But what happen now? She fall down. I screamed, and sit near to her. Her head was on my knees. She placed her hand on my cheeks, I hold her hand. It was completely red. Blood was on her hands. I tried to touch her back, blood was on my hand too. I couldnโ€™t bring myself in reality. What had just happened to her? Is she was taking her last breaths? I was continuously slapping her face so that she will not lose her sense. She hugged me, her lips again make a junction and she said that her wait is now over. She has no regret. She was dying in a position that she wanted. Everytime I felt that her heart is skipping beat. Finally her soul was leaving the body. I was holding a dead flower in my hands but still I canโ€™t make any efforts.

She was my last hope. I still have that gajras which I have bought for her. I can still smell the fragrance of that flower. Now every petal has loss the moisture. But still I can feel the freshness of flowers. There was something special about her that attract me a lot. I never give her any flower because I know she donโ€™t like it but still I purchased flowers for her on the day of her death. Nothing was done according to plan. The day that was special for me, vanishes the happiness and joys of my life.



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Written by Muskan

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