Conversation Between Us…

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photo 1483884105135 c06ea81a7a80 1

Last night I was reading our old conversations, I thought it will bring smile and lots of colors on my face. But unfortunately I was totally wrong. I still don’t understand my situation. Tear were rolling down from my cheeks and it was hard for me to take normal breaths. My heart become very heavy, even I can feel the burden on my shoulders. What was all that? All was because of you. I realized for the first time that you never messaged me, you only give replies. That’s all was from you. And I was stupid one who always message you thinking that we both converse.

Who makes the mistake?  Me or You. May be I was the one, who mistakes the idea that we are friends. Whose mistake was hoping from a person which is not interested at all? “The one who never mistakes is the one who never does anything”, and it was you. I was the one who want to give a name to our relationship. I was the one who was working to make our love. Ooops Unfortunately and unexpectedly I was making the castle in the air. When I finally given up from the effort, I came to know that it takes two to make quarrel. One cannot do this alone. Same with the case of love, you cannot clap with one hand. Second one is always needed. The second hand was missing from the start of the story in my case. What was that then?  “LOVE”,” AFFECTION” or just “INFATUATION” between us.

You left me. Everything is finished. Now I will never meet you, never wait for the message beep.  Now my heart will never skip beats. I have changed all the roads which brings me near to you. I have changed myself. But still I missed you. Whatever it was, I still lives in it.

MORAL:  “Don’t try to hold on to someone who was never yours.



Written by Muskan

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