It’s been a week ago, I was bored with the “Pawri ho Rahi hai” trend. So, I was scrolling on Instagram and found something really amazing on one of the amazing brands. A brand named, KHAADI presented a new face model named Bihammal Zurqa. I was really amazed to see her. Bihamaal is basically creating something new in the Pakistani Model Industry. And somehow it is really interesting.

The girl known for her finest style is putting fire all over the internet. BIHAMMAL ZURQA, (Baemisaal) is one of the new faces of the Pakistani Model World. Baemisaal is a Plus-size model who has an amazing sense of makeup, fashion, photography, accessories, etc. She is a social media influencer and many people are loving her because she is an inspiration to those who don’t pursue their dream just because they are overweight. Being overweight is not shameful. Fat-shaming involves a criticizing cycle which plays a key role in demotivation. Somehow these pathetic materials can disrupt the future of many people,  but among all of this aspect, Baemisaal is chasing her dreams of becoming the next supermodel. This is not easy as it sounds. Living in the world of zero sizes, it is a big challenge to avoid criticism and work harder to meet future challenges and success. You can follow her on Instagram. She is surprising many people with her own styles She is a great influencer who is also working on Women Empowerment.

One of the saddest phenomena is some people love criticizing and condemn others and they are somehow ruining other lives just for their fun. Society should learn to accept everyone. No matter what’s your size is, you will remain beautiful. Say No to Body Shaming. 



Written by Muskan

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